Dear friends of Villa Ticca,

News from Ecuador which we would like to share with you!

The role that Villa Ticca has been playing in Ecuador for 15 years is about to change. From the beginning, we worked hard with a large group of pioneers on the care of very young children; often from single and/or minor mothers who have many problems. Recently, the government of Ecuador has finally taken steps to do more in the field of childcare. We now see that the biggest challenge in the country lies with teenagers fall by the wayside. Often due to drug use, school dropouts, teenage pregnancies, divorced parents and the first steps in crime.

Many of these teenagers see no future. We want to be there for them and protect these children from the wrong turns in life. This means that from the new school year onwards we will only take care of children from the age of 5 and older.

We like to see it this way: Villa Ticca grows with the children ánd developing Ecuador. Ecuador isn’t a country that is comparable to the prosperous Netherlands. But step by step the country is crawling out of the valley and better facilities are being created. At present, unlike fifteen years ago, the problems surrounding teenagers are the greatest. And virtually nothing is arranged for them. Whereas in the Netherlands there are guidance and care options for teenagers who are in risk, nothing is arranged at all in Ecuador. So, in the spirit of Villa Ticca as we established the shelter fifteen years ago, we want to continue to play our role in Quito.

A major step for us as founders and colleagues. We were and are in love with all those lovely little children. Over the years we have taken care of countless amounts of them, and given them a solid foundation on their way in life. Now the small Villa Ticcas are grown and there are too many who need help; help that is not there now.

We would very much like to continue our work. Preferably again with your support.

Kind Regards,
Team Villa Ticca