robin"During my first visit to Villa Ticca in Quito, I had a tour at the childcare and I was introduced to many of the children. Playful, naughty, and especially eager to learn. What struck me the most was the shimmer of carelessness that I recognized in their magic smile! And that’s what makes it all worthwhile!!"

jaap"I had the privilege to visit Villa Ticca and to see how the poorest children from the Ecuadorian population are offered a new chance for a decent life. Their health is improved with good nutrition and they are educated. But what I especially remember is the loving way in which Mariska Versteegh and the local employees succeed in bringing a smile to these children’s faces! In Villa Ticca, very important work is done, of which many more children should be able to benefit!"

Anke Vergeer"I think the best thing about Villa Ticca is the joy and spontaneity of the children I have experienced when I was there. I've been in Ecuador twice and I would like to go a third time. I’m touched by the sight of so many young children, even three or four years old and working, in the streets. In Villa Ticca, these children can be a child again!"

Janine WegmanWith my own eyes I have seen how well-organized the childcares in Quito and Peguche are! The employees do their work with a lot of love. Many of our volunteers visit and volunteer at Villa Ticca and they come back with the most beautiful and touching stories. Villa Ticca was an initiative of two former volunteers from our organization and it’s wonderful to see how this initiative is helping out so many children in Ecuador!

Marco"We work with Villa Ticca because we know the efforts they put into their program and how valuable they are to the communities they work with!
We love them!!"