streetThe children of Villa Ticca are among the poorest of Quito. They often live in appalling conditions, alone or with their brothers and sisters and their single mother, and sometimes with a grandmother or even a neighbor. Many of the mothers of Villa Ticca's children are underage. They do not have the chance to study or to work because they have to care for their children. Daycare is expensive. The young mothers live in the streets with their children or in a shabby room.

kinderen in oude stad liggendJobs are poorly paid, wages can be for example $ 1 per hour, and a full workweek means getting up early in the morning and working until late at night, often six or seven days a week. If children are allowed at work, they usually have to sit in a corner or on a counter all day. This obviously is a situation that makes every mother shiver. Of course these mothers aren't happy about it at all, because they want the best for their children. In order to break the vicious circle in which these mothers find themselves and their children, Villa Ticca has been established.

gezin in TenaMothers in difficult circumstances like described before, can take their children to stay in Villa Ticca all day. At first they don't have to pay anything, but we ask them to do chores in the childcare in exchange. If they earn money from a job, it is expected that they pay a small amount for the stay of their child in Villa Ticca. We use this policy to make the mothers value the service of the childcare as well as the fact that they are providing care for their familiy themselves.

lunch kinderenWhen entering Villa Ticca for the first time, many children turn out to be underfed. Many families don't have enough money to buy healthy food. This is why we we offer the children good meals with lots of vitamins and minerals. But just this isn't enough; intestinal parasites are a common problem in poor countries and this condition results in malnutricion and swollen bellies. Many children deal with this. The parasites consume all the nutrients, which is why a good meal isn't enough to improve one's condition while it has not been treated with medication. Intestinal parasites cause reduced resistance, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, difficulty at breathing, headache, fatigue and slow physical development. We offer treatment to children suffering from parasites and after this they can enjoy healthy food and a healthy body. We notice the progress in a child's development every day!