For many years we have been working with an excellent group of permanent staff; Marlene, Jenny, Nelly, Maria, Mayra, Ruth and Carolina. Melanie is our coordinator from Holland in Quito. 

les gevenIn the childrens daycare centre we work 5 days a week on 3 different levels. Every level has their own teacher. In group 3 the children are getting prepared to go to primary school. If there is a psychological problem with one of the children we contact our childrens' psychologist who studies the child and and have sessions with the child. The children have a lot of time to play at the internal playground. All our employees have a teachers diploma, or  are studying to get it. We also have a group of schoolchildren, they come to Villa Ticca to make their homework and get a decent meal avery day. Ruth is the teacher for this group of socalled 'Escolares'

p1020857In case one of our children is sick we can call our pediatrist. He will give proper advise and if necessary finds help for the more serious cases. He also takes care of the vaccinations like early children diseases or typhus. We always rely on the help of sponsors to pay for these medical attentions

lunch klaarmakenTwo women work very, very hard In the kitchen each and every day. Maria is our chef and she has a degree in healthy and nutritious food. Her colleague is Carolina. They both have children in Villa Ticca. All children are given two meals a day, breakfast and a hot lunch. In the morning they eat fruit and in the afternoon they get something a small snack. Decent meals are very important for our children because many of them are malnourished and very small for their age.

hpim0954If we get the opportunity to go on a field trip we love to take the children! Nothing is more fun then a group of city kids playing outdoors. In the past years we have visited an indoor playground, the water museum, a pedagogical farm and the Parque Carolina.

cimg0930mailEvery year we celebrate carnaval. In Ecuador it is usually celebrated by throwing foam at eachother. Everybody, including adults, will join!

i 026Besides mothers day, In Ecuador we also celebrate Child’s day. Sometimes we invite a clown in Villa Ticca, or we just play games. Every year it turns out to be such a special day. We celebrate it at the First of June.