3dimerceThe company 3Dimerce helps VillaTicca. For example they do a christmas action every year. Want to know more about 3Dimerce? Click on the Photo>>>

endulceIn cooperation with Villa Ticca, En-Dulce has started a promotion where interested visitors can receive left over coffee grinds in exchange for a donation to Villa Ticca. The coffee grinds can be used to make art or beauty products amongst others. En-Dulce was set up in 2006 by owners Franklin Utreras and his wife Ana Romero. En-Dulce specializes in bakery products, coffee, chocolate, and pastries and has a great reputation in the historic center of Quito. Villa Ticca is proud and excited to be working together with En-Dulce, a dedicated business to to social corporate responsibility. more information? Click on their logo>>>

Logo bartonline FCBart Online is committed to serving in the website of our foundation. This company is located in Raalte and presents itself as the partner in the field of Internet marketing and web design. Together with the customer, they are aiming on better online results. Learn more about Bart Online? Click on the picture>>>

boekFree Musketeers is the Publisher of the book that Mariska wrote about her years in Ecuador. If you want to know more about Free Musketeers, please click on the photo >>>


hoegenBicycle Company Hoegen supported Villa Ticca several times. They have sent little bicycles to Ecuador and in October 2007 Nicole went to visit Villa Ticca in Ecuador. Want to know more about their company? Click on the photo>>>


reikiReiki -Centrum "Zijn" in The Hague, owned by Rebecca Bredenhof, helps Villa Ticca with energy and workshops. Want to know more about her Reiki Centrum? Please click on the photo>>>