20152015 -There are some changes in the Ecuadorian team: the Dutch Margereth joins in as our mentor for the group of escolares (the kids who go to school and visit us for lunch and homework). Annelies and Tessa return to Holland because their terms end. Our coordinator Lauren is also leaving us becauseof a new job, so we will soon try to find her a successor. The Villa Ticca tours continue to be a success, still taking place every year. But financially we've been better. The local increase of costs and the strict government requirements force us to be flexible and creative, and cause a lot of extra efforts and expenses. In Holland we keep working hard in order to raise donations and sponsors.

20142014 -The daycare is doing well thanks to the efforts of our Ecuadorian staff and the Dutch Annelies and Tessa, and Australian Lauren. Our member of board Mara is helping out in Quito during one year as well. We decide to let go our coordinator Eduardo; Lauren takes over his duties. The team manages to higly improve the administration in Quito. Since the Ecuadorian government's rules have become more and more strict, it's a challenge to keep our permits, contracts and insurance papers up to date. But we manage! In Holland, Sandra Smit joins our board.

10jaar2013 -In January we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our foundation with a big party in Scheveningen! Later in the year, three former volunteers from Villa Ticca came back to Ecuador to work with us. They are taking over some tasks of Paola who is leaving us and Mariska who is going back to the Netherlands. After a drastic change in the child care rules in Ecuador we unfortunately have to close our location in Peguche.

vrijw2012 - We are very proud of our staff at Villa Ticca Quito! Paola, Jenny and Marlene all got their diploma to be an official teacher, thanks to the help of our donors. In The Netherlands we organize our first official volunteer day. We chat, share experiences and brainstorm about the best way to help the children in Villa Ticca.

bestuur2011 - This year the board in The Netherlands is greatly expanded with Marion van Gogh, Peter Strik, Gerald Valkema and Anette Hendrickx. All are enthusiastic people, who visited Villa Ticca in Ecuador, which made them even more passionate about helping the children in Ecuador on their way to a better future. We are very happy with their active involvement!

vtpeg2010 - With a official opening ceremony the second Villa Ticca is opened. Villa Ticca Peguche was blessed by a local shaman. With 10 little Indians kids at the age of four we start the first group in Peguche. Nowadays 120 children are finding a save place to stay at Villa Ticca. The first journey of Villa Ticca with volunteers was a great success! Mara Vloedgraven joins our board.

paolapeguche2009 - we rent an old farm in the north of Ecuador in a little Indians village, named Peguche. During the summer we work with a lot of volunteers on this farm and we meet the Lema Family. De youngest daughter of this family is Paola, she studied to be a teacher. She will be the director of the second Villa Ticca

img 04122008 - We start a project for the single mothers of the children in our daycare. In a classroomof Villa Ticca the mothers learn how to make beads of clay. 10 mothers can earn a little money making those beads. With this money they can provide their families in their primary needs.Sietske Dijkstra joins our board.

hpim09492007 - We started a Homework Group for older children in Villa Ticca. By doing so, we provided an opportunity for the children who had to leave the children's daycare centre to come back every afternoon after school to make their homework with a teacher of Villa Ticca. By then we had 65 children and 7 employees. Mariska returned to Holland Mariska Martienus became a mother and decided to dedicate her time to her little boy. Marleen Hendricks replaced her. We are hoping to buy another house in 2008 or start another children's daycare centre.

pict000422006 - We finished the Construction of Villa Ticca in December. Now we were able to help 65 children easily. We had another party to celebrate the opening and Frans Bijvoet was part of this special event as well.


de wandeling2005 - In the program 'De Wandeling' Mariska had an interview about her life and the ins and outs of Villa Ticca. Due to this program a sponsor wanted to help the foundation and bought a house in Quito! We started with the reconstruction of the house to have our own Villa Ticca!


frans bijvoet in de held2004 - The ambassador Frans Bijvoet nominated Mariska Versteegh for a Dutch Television Show called 'The hero of 2004'. Mariska won the award. By then she was in charge of 5 employees day and made a start with an official administration.


r001-005 mailformaat2004 - In three months time Villa Ticca was full. Every day we had 25 children in need of help, all together in a rented house in El Camal, a poor neighborhood in the south of Quito. Mariska had a group of children and also Sophia, a Dutch volunteer. We needed more employees. We needed to have our own place because the owner of the house was not very co-operative. It was a critical situation at that point.

mabassador at villa ticca with child2003 - In 2003 Mariska Versteegh went to live in Ecuador to start a children's daycare centre in Quito. Evelien as well as Mariska Martienus were in charge of finding sponsors and funds for our foundation. Evelien was having a job at an agency which enabled her to be free whenever there was help needed in Ecuador. And she was needed many times! After a year we celebrated the inauguration of Villa Ticca. The Dutch ambassador Frans Bijvoet was part of this event and we could start the legalizisation of the children's daycare centre.

boliv02kccccc40The meaning of the name is 'Children of the Holy Flower/Feather'. In ancient times the local people used these as a symbol to offer the gods. In this way they asked the Spirits for luck, development and reincarnation. The symbol says everything what we wish for the children in Ecuador. You will see this symbol many times when we talk about Villa Ticca.

volunteers buy balles for children2002 - In 2002 Evelien Kremer,Marisa Martienus en Mariska Versteegh met each other in Ecuador while doing volunteering work. They all stayed in Hostal Loro Verde in the tourist area La Mariscal in Quito. They worked in several children's daycare centres like Centro Myra, Jesus Nino and San Roque. They were struck by the lack of help for single and teenage mothers who were living in the streets. These mothers were found sitting on the street begging for money or something to eat. They didn't have any hope for a better future... which is why they decided to make a change and start a foundation in The Netherlands under the name Ninos de Waita Ticca.