The kids had a great time painting the wishing tree that the kind staff at Ecole donated. The children have written out their wishes and hung them up. Now everyday we are all reminded of the wonderful dreams these special kids have. To help them achieve their dreams please donate here

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The current focus is therefore now at Villa Ticca in Quito . Since everything is now up and running at full speed in the remodeled location, but with a custom occupation. Paola Jácome, who has been the director of Villa Ticca Quito for eight years, has left us. She has decided to go another way. We of course wish her all the best. We're going to do the work in Quito in a different way, namely under the guidance of a partly Dutch occupation. In September Tessa Hoedemaker joined us, she studied Education at the University in the Netherlands and is a welcome addition to our team. Early November Annelies Ton will arrive, she has worked for us with our escolaresgroup in 2007, so she is a familiar face in Villa Ticca. In late November, the team will be strengthened by Lauren Bradley from Australia. She has her degree in Development Studies, and she is also a familiar face for us . We are really looking forward to the arrival of all this new team members! 

Recently, Mariska unexpectedly , due to health , returned from Ecuador. From early September Evelien left for Ecuador to stay for 4 months. We hope that Mariska will quickly recover!

Quite unexpectedly , we have been visited by the inspection of the government, which had changed the legislation for childcare from one day to another in Ecuador. The safety requirements are strictly tightened and unfortunately for the Villa Ticca very difficult, if not impossible , to meet all new requirements With the help of some great sponsors and volunteers , we have succeeded to meet all new demands and requirements in Quito. Considerably by the rebuilding of our house in Quito during the summer holidays. We are very happy that doors of the daycare in Quito opened again. But to our great regret is the Department disagrees with our location in Peguche . Under the new laws , we can not run our daycare under the present circumstances . This means that we can not get permission to open the new school year and that we therefore do not. Unfortunatly The daycare in Peguche will not be opened this schoolyear. Importantly, we will continue to support the children in Peguche, for example, with school materials. and the children in who have a personal sponsor , continue to receive support. Our teacher Adriana will continue her work for us in Peguche. She will visit the children and their families , and keep us informed about their situations. In this way, we can still provide a different interpretation for continuity in our care. We hope that we can meet the requirements of the government , and have the ability to open up again soon in Peguche!

At the moment thay are working very hard in Quito to rebuild our Villa Ticca property. The government of Ecuador has come long just before the holidays and they tightened the rules  and  did a check. There were some points that did not pass  by the new rules, including our beautiful spiral staircase. We think is very important that the government of Ecuador is increasingly taking responsibility for their own country. For us it was a bit tricky because of course this is a decent investment. Fortunately we found Ecuadorian sponsors who help us with this! After the summer holidays we will open up again in a proper location! see pictures here.

This past summer four youngsters from sportsclub HDM, visited Villa Ticca 
Isabelle, Suzanne, Joey and Lies were packedwith lots of materials, and ready to help three weeks at Villa Ticca and explore the country. They teached our children in Quito and Peguche to play hockey, the kids had the time of their lives! Great to see how the youth of the Netherlands deliveres a smile on the face of children in Ecuador! We think it was a very nice experience and will therefore thank Isabelle, Suzanne, Joey and Lies on behalf of all children for their attendance and commitment! See pictures here!


The Secret Singer-Songwriter Society (S4), a Dutch non-profit foundation whose twofold mission is to foster the work of singer-songwriters by recording, distributing and promoting their songs in support of diverse humanitarian causes around the world, announces their third global humanitarian project. The initiative will support Villa Ticca, a Dutch non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Evelyn Kremer and Mariska Versteegh who operate two childcare facilities in and in nearby Quito, Ecuador. Click here to go to the site and download a song for Villa Ticca!!!

Amaru's eye operation has been a success. In a few days he will be able to return to the childcare. The operation is made possible with funds from his sponsor in the Netherlands and Villa Ticca. Amaru is a sweet and gentle boy of 4 years old. 
Would you like to sponsor a child click here

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The 3th of january 2013 Mariska and Villa Ticca were on dutch television!
You can watch the program here (in dutch).