Quite unexpectedly , we have been visited by the inspection of the government, which had changed the legislation for childcare from one day to another in Ecuador. The safety requirements are strictly tightened and unfortunately for the Villa Ticca very difficult, if not impossible , to meet all new requirements With the help of some great sponsors and volunteers , we have succeeded to meet all new demands and requirements in Quito. Considerably by the rebuilding of our house in Quito during the summer holidays. We are very happy that doors of the daycare in Quito opened again. But to our great regret is the Department disagrees with our location in Peguche . Under the new laws , we can not run our daycare under the present circumstances . This means that we can not get permission to open the new school year and that we therefore do not. Unfortunatly The daycare in Peguche will not be opened this schoolyear. Importantly, we will continue to support the children in Peguche, for example, with school materials. and the children in who have a personal sponsor , continue to receive support. Our teacher Adriana will continue her work for us in Peguche. She will visit the children and their families , and keep us informed about their situations. In this way, we can still provide a different interpretation for continuity in our care. We hope that we can meet the requirements of the government , and have the ability to open up again soon in Peguche!