The current focus is therefore now at Villa Ticca in Quito . Since everything is now up and running at full speed in the remodeled location, but with a custom occupation. Paola Jácome, who has been the director of Villa Ticca Quito for eight years, has left us. She has decided to go another way. We of course wish her all the best. We're going to do the work in Quito in a different way, namely under the guidance of a partly Dutch occupation. In September Tessa Hoedemaker joined us, she studied Education at the University in the Netherlands and is a welcome addition to our team. Early November Annelies Ton will arrive, she has worked for us with our escolaresgroup in 2007, so she is a familiar face in Villa Ticca. In late November, the team will be strengthened by Lauren Bradley from Australia. She has her degree in Development Studies, and she is also a familiar face for us . We are really looking forward to the arrival of all this new team members! 

Recently, Mariska unexpectedly , due to health , returned from Ecuador. From early September Evelien left for Ecuador to stay for 4 months. We hope that Mariska will quickly recover!