Dear friend of Villa Ticca,

2014 is a special year for Villa Ticca. The foundation was founded eleven years ago and the daycare opened its doors ten years ago, which is a long time. In the past eleven years a lot has happened and we are proud to still be able to contribute positively to the lives many families in Ecuador. Of course that is thanks to you as well!

In this newsletter you will read about the latest developments.

In Quito the daycare is being run by our local employees. The teachers are Marlene, Jenny and Nelly (who once started at Villa Ticca cleaning and now is studying to get her degree to be a certified preschool teacher) and Maria is our cook. A while ago, Ruth joined the local team at Villa Ticca, she is our new cleaning lady who also helps out in the kitchen. Besides these women, the coordinator Eduardo is busy with the organizational matters. With the arrival of Tessa, Annelies (both from Holland) and Lauren (from Australia) our team has become bigger. All of these three girls have their own talents and their own tasks within the organization. This is going really well and the organization has become much more streamlined. Evelien was also in Quito from September until December.

Ecuador is a country with a lot of bureaucracy. Once you comply with one regulation then a new law is enforced or a contract or permit has to be updated or renewed. In the past months this has been happening constantly. While in Ecuador, Evelien dedicated a big part of her time to this and now Lauren, together with Eduardo, have taken over these tasks. The management of permits, contracts and policies is so much work that it’s a fulltime job by itself within Villa Ticca. We would like to report to you that we are (almost) back on track with all the organizational matters and that is a big accomplishment . The current school year takes place in the renovated building in Quito. Thanks to all the papers and permits we can yet again offer the children a safe place that they deserve. In Peguche the daycare is still closed. Our employee Adriana sends us regular updates on how our kids in Peguche are doing but for now there is no chance that the daycare in Peguche will reopen soon, because it is a job too big for the foundation to handle now.

The Villa Ticca Trip last October was a big success. Together with our volunteers we experienced two fantastic weeks. In their own special way they all contributed to Villa Ticca. Saying goodbye was difficult for the volunteers, the children and the staff. Sandra Smit, one of our volunteers from the Villa Ticca Trip, ran a part of a marathon on the 13th of April and made an amazing event out of it for Villa Ticca.

Our Villa Ticca Trip has been organized for 2014 as well (the starting date is 19th of July), and the trip includes visiting Peguche. The volunteer work will be done at a daycare that works with Villa Ticca since Villa Ticca Peguche closed. During the trip we also visit children who came to Villa Ticca Peguche. In this way Villa Ticca retains a presence in Peguche.

In Villa Ticca Quito we have an amazing new activity on Friday mornings thanks to a professional Ecuadorian basketball player who is a longtime friend of Villa Ticca. Every Friday morning the children and teachers are being picked up in a school bus to run and play on a big sports field. This activity has been made possible by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Sports. For the children, who live in a relatively dangerous area of the city, this is a fantastic adventure. A lot of them never go to sport fields or a place with this much space. It goes without saying that we are very happy with this! As if this wasn’t enough we have been given the opportunity by a local travel agency to go on excursions with the children. In the coming period our children are going to visit other places such as dairy farm, a horse farm and a flower nursery. These developments are very important for us. Of course it is very nice that the children can come to Villa Ticca every day but it is even better that we can broaden their horizon. This is all possible because of local generous contributors.

In Holland we keep on working hard as well. In January together with a big team of volunteers, we introduced our foundation and our Villa Ticca Trip in a vacation fair to a lot of people. It resulted in a lot of positive reactions and hopefully it will result in new donors or volunteers for the coming trips. Furthermore we are busy with events in schools in Ommen, Rijswijk, The Hague and Naaldwijk .

On the 28th of March Villa Ticca was invited to a project called ‘8uo’. It’s a project where people work 8 hours extra for free to contribute to causes like NGOs/foundations. During the day, a team of experts was available to Villa Ticca and they advised Villa Ticca on creative matters. Designers, text writers and advisors on communication thought with us about possible new ideas for the foundation. This sounds rather vague, and for now it will be because we are still working on the ideas that they gave us. We hope to publish more about this soon. At least for now we can say that we are very thankful to the team of project ‘8uo’.

We are always open to new ideas on how to promote our foundation or how to attract new donors, so if you have a good idea then please let us know. Together we’ll let Villa Ticca flourish.

We wish you a very happy spring.

On behalf of the team at Villa Ticca,
Evelien, Mariska, Mara, Sietske, Anette en Marleen