a traditional meal in Ecuador in ' el dia de los disfuntos ' or ' el dia de los muertos ' on November 2 in Ecuador. Purple Colada is a typical drink from Ecuador. This is prepared with purple corn flour, which gives it its thick consistency and accentuates the color that gives name to this drink. It also carries fruits such as naranjilla, pineapple, mora or mortiño and a series of aromatic herbs and crusts, such as cinnamon, and other sweet spices. In the tradition they serve it together with the bread dolls(bread usually of non-ordinary flavor and various fillings that have shape of doll, hence the name). In the case of indigenous communities in the Andean Region, especially in rural areas as in the province of tungurahua, their consumption and offering is performed in the cemetery itself, next to the tomb of the deceased family as part of the rite of reunion with The ancestors.

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