A message from Quito from our coordinator Melanie:

Proud to be part of Villa Ticca coordinator in Quito. The children and youth who are part of our daily lives have been in trouble during this period of COVID and are literally hungry! I have close contact with the kids and their moms by phone and lately these have been sad chat. The despair was palpable on the other side of the line. Due to the almost complete lockdown (only for food and medicine we can go on the streets) there is no work (most parents / mothers work in cleaning or sale of fruit / vegetables and candy) so no income and now no money for the families to provide food. But also higienic products. Children-youngsters up to 18 are literally locked inside because this group is not allowed to go outside! Schools will no longer open until the end of the school year and get education through internet. For many children, also our escolares, this is impossible because they don't have internet connection or a computer. Buttttt....... Last Wednesday and Thursday, thanks to your help we were able to provide our 27 families with a biweekly food package and other products such as toilet paper, toothpaste and sanitary pads. We hope to be able to continue this in the coming time as long as it takes. So nice to be able to support our children right now. A big thank you from team Ecuador and all the families. Do you want to contribute something to these food packages? You can do that very easily with any amount desired via the link below https://tikkie.me/pay/g1cngiqpam48ptjsgeqm

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