The number of infections is still rising daily in Quito and there are no IC beds free, healthcare is cracking. Our kids parents still can't go to the streets to make money to support their family and the kids are all still at home. It's a tough situation for the kids, they've been home for 4,5 months. Don't see friends, teachers or other confidential persons and can't just go out for it. It's summer holidays now but the weather is Quito not very beneficial so children spend all days in their house. Of course, we hope that the situation will change soon, in the meantime, we will do what we can to support our children and their families. So we are still handing out food packages, ′′ a silver lining in these dark times ′′ says one of the mothers. We hope you want to continue to support us as well you can still contribute to the food packages via  or via

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