Mariska VersteeghHello I'm Mariska Versteegh, as director of the foundation Ninos Waita Ticca life is hectic but nice. I am regularly in Ecuador to have meetings, mentor and enjoy the children. In the Netherlands I work as a teacher in special education. Besides I do lessons for primary school children to make them acquainted with life in poor countries with a creative twist. And I give drawing therapy to children. What they cannot say they can handle on paper. Because that is my goal, help children in the world to optimally develop in good health and a safe environment. Villa Ticca is a dream, and with a lot of hard work I hope that this dream continues to grow!

Evelyn KremerHi, I'm Evelyn Kremer. Together with Mariska Versteegh I am director of the foundation. In 2002 I went to Ecuador to volunteer. This particular experience has made my life has changed. In the past I worked as an account manager at ABN AMRO. Now I am in a social care for people living with addictions or mental problems. Through my experience I do mainly organizational and financial issues for Villa Ticca. Every year I go to Ecuador to cuddle the children and also to support the staff where necessary. This gives me the energy to continue and I hope that our foundation in the future will offer even more underprivileged children in Ecuador a safe place in Villa Ticca

Sietske DijkstraHi, my name is Sietske Dijkstra and I’ve been involved with Villa Ticca since 2005. After getting my bachelor for Journalism I was looking for adventure, and I set off to Ecuador. When I was there I found a job as a tour guide, and between my trips I regularly visited Villa Ticca in Quito and helped out. I remember very clearly that the first day I was at the childcare, a lot of children wanted to play with me and wanted to sit on my lap! Some of them still are in Villa Ticca, but now they are going to school in the mornings. It’s great to see them grow and develop themselves! Because of the good things I saw in Villa Ticca and because of the friendship I built with Evelien and Mariska, I decided to keep supporting the foundation. I’m back in the Netherlands since 2007 and here I’m involved with many things, but mainly communication, PR and translation. Also, I organized the first Villa Ticca tour, together with Mariska. It was a great experience! Hopefully we can continue to bring tourists to Ecuador with our tour, because it’s a great way of introducing people to the foundation, and to the beauty of Ecuador.

Mara VloedgravenHola I'm Mara Vloedgraven, In the summer of 2010 I went with the first Villa Ticca trip for volunteers. Here I was introduced to the beautiful country: Ecuador, a great foundation: Villa Ticca and especially to the nicest and sweetest kids del mundo! I'm fascinated by all the good work that Villa Ticca does for these children. Back in the Netherlands I decided to join the foundation in order to also be able to contribute to this beautiful work. Now I love to work on this Villa Ticca website and our social media. I also do some other tasks. In 2014 i became a official boardmember of Villa Ticca. Since 2010 I was back in Ecuador three times to stay a year to work there for Villa Ticca, At the moment I’m back in Holland and working on my old tasks again! Ecuador became my second homecountry and in Ecuador as well as in Holland i will always contribute to Villa Ticca.

SandraHola! My name is Sandra Smit. I got to know Villa Ticca when I joined the volunteer tour. The journey, Ecuador and participating in the daycare was a perfect match for me in many ways! The fact that Villa Ticca offers many children a safe place and the chance to develop themselves, touched my heart. Every child has it's own background and story and I would want to cuddle them so much that they would no longer feel their sorrows! When I got back to the Netherlands I soon discovered that I couldn't let go of the foundation. It enriches me to make an effort for the daycare, together with the other volunteers in the Netherlands. I work independently, which makes me quite flexible to organize activities and raise funds for Villa Ticca. In the meantime I've been back to Ecuador several times already and I'm sure more visits will follow. I love to see that we can make a difference in the daily life of the children, because being at Villa Ticca allows them to simply be a child.

NicoleHi, I'm Nicole Mighelsen and I've been involved with Villa Ticca since the first time Evelien visited Ecuador in 2002. Evelien and I used to be colleagues and we've been very close friends for many years. I'm a mother of 3 children and me and my husband run a bike renting company. We try to promote Villa Ticca as much as we can and to support Mariska and Evelien whenever we can. In 2007 I visited Villa Ticca for the first time and from that time on, the children and the employees of the daycare have a very special place in my family and in our hearts. We try to give the children a better start in their lives by rolling up our sleeves and making an effort.